Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a mish mash. a hodge podge.

today i thought i'd include a complete mish mash of things, designers, companies and product that i've been really loving and discovering, for so many reasons. take a look at what i'm talking about won't you?

i really like (alot!) the simplicity of color, shape and line with these rugs offered up by the lowercase, out of australia. bright and cheery. see more here.

this is a new~to~me company, dvelas, out of spain, who creates comfy pieces out of recycled boat sails, calling them "living sails" and what a fab idea?! see their collection here.

i adore these fun & quirky coat racks! they seem so animated, so friendly. well, anyway ;) find them (as well as an array of other amazing product) at blastation, here.

to further support my pillow problem, i will selfishly promote thomas eyck and his what i call "fading" pillow line. all sort of color palettes, all sorts of fading tones, brilliantly beautiful. find your favorite here.

ok, seriously, if you are in the market for a vintage anything, especially a tub? water monopoly. seriously beautiful everything. go here!

designed by robert stadler for cwg design, this "trapezoid bomb" coffee table is more than extraordinary. check it out here.

lighting, all of it, all of it exquisite, offered up by slamp. find (i mean ogle) them all here.

find this so cute badger pillow and birdy walk plate from ysp in the uk. right here!

you can tell i've been looking through some unbelievable design magazines lately. well yes i have if you must know ;) but, so glad i have because just look at what's out there!

ooh, we are mid~week, and how is your week progressing? mine has been productive, creative and as the week winds crests today and begins to wind down, will be more and more relaxing. at least that's the plan! enjoy...

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