Tuesday, November 29, 2011

form fjord.

i happened upon form fjord recently, drawn particularly by their amazing lighting design and i wanted to share how sweet their style is...have a look,

these are so unique to me. this "crown" series, offered up by form fjord is really intriguing to say the least. a color filter sits around the bulb, allowing for the color of light to flow from the perforated slats. really great!

love this new take on the office light. this would add a punch to a well~designed office or any commercial space really.

oh, and these stools are super sweet too! (form fjord says they're inspired by greek butcher blocks, cool.)

i think also that their color palette line is fabulous, all so soft and pastel. easy on the eyes, easy on any environment in which they're placed. form fjord says that they pursue "market gaps for innovation" and provide their clients with not only what they want, but what they think is missing in the design world. i love that!

hey hey, it's tuesday...i turned a rather large paper in yesterday, breathing a touch easier today. working on another project for class and in between that today, i might just drive myself out for a coffee treat to break up the have to do's with the want to do's. have a great day everyone! enjoy...

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