Thursday, September 8, 2011

this and that. oh, and that too!

so last night was a class night, and my later night of the week, arriving home around 11:30 is typical. but listening to jazz, driving in the misty fog was kind of strangely pleasurable if you must know. ;) this morning i have more reading to do for class but in between that, i've been goofing off and surfing sites dreaming of this and that, things i love, want or need. thought i'd share...

these happy happy geometric thank you cards designed by yellow owl workshop and found at leif.

this! i mean these, these boet stools (they mean "nest" in swedish!) see them at note design studio.

only in an artist's home (here, soren vilhelm) would you find an amazing art room like this. and can we talk about the light? the strips, the ends are dipped in black paint! of course they are! found at bolig magasinet.

oh, this whole look, large man's watch and all. found at brown dress with white dots (a cool site)

catching a last bit of summer with these light, bright pillows designed by emma gardner and offered by 2modern.

ok, these are super fun. independent drawers which you can stack however high you want. make it a dresser, an end table, a coffee table? hmmm. what about in a kitchen, stacked and holding just about whatever? love. offered by nood.

i want a whole pod of these terra cotta herb pots. what would you put inside? succulents? flowering plants? aren't they just so darn cute?! offered by theo.

this crimean pine cone pendant lamp. for fall? are you kidding? perfect! offered by eekra.

don't you love clumping together things you love?! wondering how there are just so many cool products, designers, artists and inspiration out there!? that's just one of the great things about life. this and that. enjoy ;)

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