Friday, September 9, 2011

lee broom. a sense of drama.

lee broom is quickly becoming on of the uk's leading, influential interior and product designers, talented & dramatic, it's no wonder lee broom has been dubbed "the pin up of british manufacturing".

i'm drawn to the flair, the richness and simply pure design aesthetic which has been conveyed in each and every piece, every lamp, table, or chair. new twists on classic designs, engraving, lighting them up, chiseled, everything has been manipulated, sculpted, as only and artist could do. my mood kept switching from architectural to snow white. there is literally that scope of feel within the array of products that lee broom offers. visit his site here. wickedly different.

and with that fabulous~ness, happy friday friends! yeah for you, you made it! the weekend is near. on my to~do list for this weekend: an essay for a movie watched in class, glass of wine, shop for a few things for my son in college (mostly foody things he wants), read (alot), a run, another glass of wine ;) happy weekend! what are your plans? what do you think of lee broom's pieces? i'd love to hear all about all of it! enjoy!!


Sing said...

Oh boy, I'd love to have that glam ottoman.

Jules said...

Wow! Each one of his pieces evokes a different feeling and inspiration. I absolutely love that image of the red chair!! What a piece of art.