Wednesday, September 7, 2011

street style. a fashion deviation.

this mid~week, let's take a fashion deviation, let's take it to the streets with street style, for fall, for ideas, for inspiration, for fun! have you checked out street style before? isn't it uber cool? yeah.

as i sat in my house yesterday, reading for classes and finding i needed a throw to curl up with, i pondered fall, what styles am i drawn to, what color palettes, where are some great samples to expand on my own style with? enter: street style, a fab tumblr site chock full of outfits galore!

i'm thinking soft layers, translucent, feminine on top of masculine styles, chunky male watches on feminine wrists, like this, hair down and tossled or clean and back neatly. there are so many fun options and i'm glad street style is making my head swim with combinations i want! what are some of your fab new fashion trends or finds or desires? i'd love to hear... enjoy...

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Sing said...

I have over a 100 photos of streetstyles I love. It's so inspiring to see the everyday woman put something together unique.