Tuesday, September 6, 2011

a tuesday blast. architecture that is.

let's kick of this back to work week with a blast of architecture. no, literally i mean, with blast architetti, a firm based out of, you guessed it, italy, (though now also with firms in abu dhabi and bucarest!) and they are more than a blast, they are an interior fashion show of design, edgy, sexy, all the influence of design professionals luca bombassei, simona traversa, franz siccardi, coming together in 2001, basing their approach toward economics, architectural quality and environmental and energy sustainability. all of that, and keeping it beyond stunning.

i don't know about you but i love deviating from the ordinary toward the extraordinary, toward the rich, luxurious and even daring spaces or product, whether it be wallpaper or a lighting fixture or a throw over a chair or bed. sometimes you have to push the envelope, you seriously have to exhale, close your eyes and invite in the different, the piece or color or texture or light that is going to be outside of you somehow, it's like your crazy subconscious talking, coming out, saying that inside there is a little bit of this in me. blast architetti does that. after all, all of that which i just said? it's in all of us in some way, shape or form ;)

friends! i hope that your long weekend was a blast! mine was a combination of mad reading, work and swimming with the seals. yeah, that's right. one of my favorite beaches here on cape cod is nauset light beach. seriously one of the most beautiful in the world. and witnessing seals is a common event on this beach but yesterday in particular, there were more, families of them, pups and parents, and what was even more amazing was the fact that they stayed in one small area, directly in front of where we were swimming, all day! usually they come and go with the current, but not yesterday. so, of course, me being me, i kept talking to them, watching them, smiling while watching them and talking to them some more. i swear that they understood me. ;) who knows? enjoy!

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