Thursday, September 15, 2011

have an easy breezy day.

friends, this almost friday i hope you have an easy breezy day! i'm off to run a few errands, things my son wants at college (snacks, drinks, t-shirts) and then heading to boston to meet up with him and head to my own class late afternoon.

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in between the shopping and running, i expect to close my eyes in the car for a few minutes, in whatever parking lot i can find along the way, inhale a mocha, maybe even with whipped cream today ;) and hope that the detour that i was subjected to on the highway, so they could close both lanes and send me off into a town i'm not familiar with on random back roads, coming home last night is not steering me the same way again tonight. although, maybe if i look around, through sleepy eyes, i'll discover new places. yeah, that's the attitude! have an easy day, all of you, that's what i wish for you today! enjoy...

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And the same to you, Robin! :)