Wednesday, September 14, 2011

i love non~sensible. the un~practical.

today i'm in a mood. a very non~practical design mood. why? because i keep seeing fabulous product emerge from beyond talented designers and companies that tempt me, not because i need it, but because i just plain ol' want it. have a look at a few that got me started...

cassina, a company that mixes practical with non~practical and does it very well i might, temps you into tables like this. you don't need it, it's not very practical but you know what? but it's fun, it's unique and maybe you add it to your residential or commercial spaces because you need a color boost? for so many reasons, you may just need this table. that's what i'm talking about...

so these "big knit" lounge chairs offered by moroso are so very non~practical but anything chunky and knit and offering me a seat, i'm in it in a heartbeat! i love moroso, always have and love these "big knit" loungers, warm winter design love.

with the "buzzihub" offered up by buzzispace and designed by alain gilles, i first imagined commercial spaces, but then my mind went all a flutter with the fact that you could truly create an intimate yet uber modern dining nook in any residential kitchen space. you'd be the kitchen talk of the town!
i always have fun perusing the pages of zieta, whose slogan is "discover design and light constructions in a revolutionary mass-customized way." see. though these thin steel "koza" forms are strangely practical. in a way, i envision one or a pair at the foot of a bed, draped with throws or blankets or in the corner of a bedroom, not sure, but they are begging to be practical in some sort of way, i just know it!
for designer bram boo, "design is a way of life, a way to surprise". so, then, how amazingly fun is this "overdose" desk, complete with a bit of practicality and chaos combined? i don't know, if i'm an artist or designer and have a fabulous office space, this might just have to be my desk!

loving the very non~practical nature of most lights, because really, lighting is such an important part of design in any space, residential or commercial that even if it's a non~traditional design, sometimes it's just got to be that way ;) i'm currently loving these lights offered by palluco.

what about you? have you made any recent purchases that ended up very non~practical but that just made your day?! i'd love to hear what they are and where you picked them up. for now, enjoy this mid~week sense of non~sensibility. it's fun! ;)

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Callie Grayson said...

i really like the lounge chairs in the second and third photos. the table in the first looks like a work of art!