Tuesday, August 16, 2011

making a case for case.

there is something to be said for utilitarian pieces, but with flare, sturdy yet contributing to a space, residential or commercial. or dorm room? as i begin the frenzy that is getting my son ready for his freshman year of college, i have college everything on the brain, maximizing his tiny dorm room, what will he need, what will he want and what can i do as his mother/designer to make the transition a workable environment, but his own, his own style and his own space he will feel creative and comfortable in for the next year. that said, i want today, to make a case for case. case furniture that is...

i like what case has to offer because they're useful pieces, modern beds and bookcases and seating options when, paired with things from home, like vintage bedspreads and mirrors or small vintage table lamps and some of his favorite yard sale finds currently residing in my son's bedroom at home, they will accompany case's pieces nicely. don't you think? like i said, i have college everything on the brain right now. off to fill out last minute forms to fax! yikes.

enjoy your tuesday morning friends ! how has your week begun? i'm hoping it's all kinds of positive! enjoy ;)


Leigh Viner said...

Wow college, congrats and being a Mom myself I am feeling that cringe of wow where does the time go, in a blink they grow. I also am so happy to discover the pieces that you show here, as I think like you said they will make for great transitional pieces for now and later.

Especially the chair at top, LOVE it!

Hope you are having a fantastic summer xoxo

Catarina Almeida Santos said...

great pieces :D