Monday, August 15, 2011

pinks. oh and reds and peaches. like sunset colors.

so this monday (oh happy monday by the way!) i am remembering slow, warm, glowing sunsets of this past weekend, fading colors, vibrant yet barely there all at the same time. influenced by these experiences and sensations, i wanted to share some images depicting my sunset mood swings, from relaxed to astonished to shocked, to wowed to sleepy, to dreamy to just plain amazing...

romantic pinks and reds and juicy peaches in this space make me want to find something pretty to wear with vintage tulle and dance around in it. via ink dots on the wall.

can you imagine being in a space like this? sturdy warm beams begging you to drift away on this red ticking swing. via gardening in heels.

pinks and peaches, hot pink, soft pink, edible and otherwise, featured on rue.

colors of the burnt sun, pink~y oranges, warms golds with hints of pink in this space featured in loft life.

this wonderful red couch, with all of it's nature inspired lines, via kartell.

pinks and peaches suspension lamps found via marie claire

the pinks and reds coming through in this natural wood inspired bedroom make me feel welcome and soothed. via rum.

i want an army of these floor lamps by lucent, found via trendir. i love the knitted red cozy around the shade...see them lit on lucent's site, they are warmer than warm.

tiny pink decor, via hedi slimane.

the amazing light and rooms offered up by the ace hotel palm springs, where it always looks so sunset~y! i want to go there, i want to live there. forever.

how can you not love any of these tones right? after all, they are part of nature, they stem from nature. sure, we as designers and artists pull from that, elaborate on that, at times we exploit it, but why? because we can, we should and thankfully, as you see in the few images i've posted about today, just look what pulling from nature can do! enjoy...