Wednesday, August 17, 2011

the beholder.

have you guys visited the beholder site? it's a plethora of artists, a marketplace for artists in fact. the site was up and running in 2005 thanks to suzanne shade, its curator/director "showing and promoting emerging and mid-career contemporary artists." the beholder site connects artists with collectors, galleries and regular old people like us who just want to buy a piece of art every now and then, a piece that draws us in or moves us in some way.

here's a small round~up of some of the artists and their work that stopped me today (and there are truly so many more!). have a look...

arielle sandler.
leigh wells.
isau auer.
jeremy melton.
sarah thibault.
ky anderson.
anna ura.
katie vida.

i don't know about you but i could literally look at art all day long. for we as either patrons of art or as the artists ourselves are different every day, creating unique pieces, contributing to special pieces or purchasing favorite pieces every day. art is ever changing. like our moods. ;) i love that ! enjoy...


'moringHoney said...

i would like to bring a project to your attention, it is Arte Laguna Prize, a famous international art contest, there are a lot of section certanly you can find your favourite. Could you speak about it in one little post? I think is an great chance for all artist, also for you! You have a lot of follower so that more artists will be aware of this competition. Thank you so much!

Callie Grayson said...

I love that first one!!