Saturday, August 20, 2011


how is your weekend friends? mine has been very relaxing, mixed in with a little bit of work. last night we saw chris botti on the cape, a to die for concert, beautiful weather, amazing music, just perfection. the other night, we walked to the golf course near our house. why? one of my favorite things about this golf course, are the frogs. they're everywhere, but kind of hiding. so you have to sneak up on them quietly, and when you do...this is what happens ;)

(photos, me)

i hope you are having amazing experiences this weekend! i hope you are looking into the sweetest of eyes (like these guys here) and that your moon is beautiful and that the colors all around you are inspiring and that you are breathing and you know what, there is still sunday! enjoy...


Callie Grayson said...

awesome photos!!! You got really close to them!! They must sound amazing when your walking up!

Sharda Sewdien said...

Hey Robin! My weekend went kind of quietly, it gets pretty hot out here nowadays. Love the froggy pics; the moon looks beautiful as well. Check out my blog; I've given you a blogaward. Wonderful day to you!