Friday, August 19, 2011

whimsical, wonderful jacco maris.

happy, happy friday friends! you've made it through another busy week and toward a (hopefully for you) carefree, relaxing and creative weekend. this weekend, i wanted to share with you the fab find of jacco maris and his breathtaking lights. jacco maris's mantra is "making something out of nothing", and ah, i think he's done that. don't you? ;) bent metal strips, all constructed by hand make for these bespoke works of lighting art.

wow, now i only need the most pefect of spaces to hang one of these jacco maris lights. nice problem to have though ;) what are you doing this weekend that is before us? i am seeing chris botti play tonight (for those jazz lovers out there, you know what i mean! just lovely sounds), so i can't wait for that! i'll be sure to listen with a glass of wine in hand and with rain predicted, under the tent, i can't think of a more relaxing venue. i hope you are gearing up for some fun tonight! i'll see you around the blogosphere this weekend as i catch up on some of my fav's. bye for now, enjoy!

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Callie Grayson said...

these are really amazing! the silver and white ones are my favorite!! wish I had a big dining room to feature one!