Monday, August 22, 2011

lithos. can we talk about walls?

yeah for mondays and blank canvases of a week in front of all of us. let me tell you, this and the next few weeks are busy, busy for me and my family, my son is starting college, i'm working on my graduate degree and finding time for work and play in amongst all of that! fffewww! i hope you had an amazing weekend and are rearing to get right back at it!?

well, to get you going, to get your creative juices flowing, i wanted to share a brandy new wall treatment LOVE. the italian based company lithos design. for so many reasons i can barely name in one post, lithos's design team has nailed the conceptual, the textural, the feel and the glow with this outstanding product line. have a look...

talk about incorporating lighting in a subtle, yet super sexy way? build it into the walls. wow.

look at the cuts, the lines up close and then below as one large treatment. stunning!

how about his sculptural treatment from the floor up for a reception or bar area commercially? holy cow, beyond amazing. can you say oh so very miami, so very california in its wave~esque evocation? what an impact this element would add to any space. how about residentially as a kitchen island? now we're talking!

so, where does your mind wander whilst perusing lithos's product line? mine definitely jumps to commercial spaces, but...let's not rule out residential here. absolutely room for lithos's wall treatments in any residential space, in large or small amounts. i just love this company! enjoy...

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