Thursday, June 30, 2011

funk line lighting, by 13 degrees.

today, this almost friday, i'm loving this lighting line named "funk" by thirteen degrees, a company out of germany, a pair of designers with a flair for exceptional design and who met by the way while studying design in dresden, on the thirteenth line of longitude, hence the fabulous name.

what did i tell you? aren't they lovely? wow. one of things i love the most is that they are not flashy, full of color or over~designed in such a way that you would tire of them. they are classically gorgeous. visit there site here to ogle their lighting just a little bit more!

what are your plans for the upcoming fourth of july weekend? well...my family has a rare day off together and the weather looks unbelievable my friends, gorgeously sunny and warm. so, because we are all total beach freaks, boogy~boarding, snoozing, reading, talking and laughing are all in order. let me know your plans, i'd love to hear! enjoy...