Wednesday, June 29, 2011

hay. ambitious appeal.

i have a new rug love affair going on. have a look...based out of denmark, hay is an amazing new company, established in 2002 and branching into furniture and other home accessories. but their rugs in particular are what stopped me. not only do you notice different, in their words, "hay is committed to nurturing and promoting the originality of young talents as well as exploring the twisted minds of established designers." i love that!

from lines to dots...so super fun!

of course i'm drawn to any piece draped in line, simple, soft lines, flowing, interrupted or continuous. lines transform a regular color palette or texture within a piece, they illuminate it, bring it to life, and hay's rugs absolutely give rugs new and improved life.

it's wednesday, what are you doing? last night i was like a little kid. i bought a new bike (nothing fancy, sort of a vintage-esque look) and slapped a new basket on the front and jumped up and down like it was christmas and i was 6 years old! hey, we all have to do that sometimes right? so, i'm off to day, to ride like the wind, collect things to put in my basket, flowers from the beach nearby maybe? enjoy your day!!


FancyPants-design said...

these rugs are great! Thanks!

Dionne said...

These are fabulous! And that last one is perfect for a child's bedroom or play room!

Mary-Candles Lovers said...

I like the one with the pink graphics, great for teenage girls

TamStyles said...

i love those rugs...i bet they are way out of my budget....i can dream though.

Anonymous said...

what do gay horses eat?

Anonymous said...