Friday, July 1, 2011

holiday weekends!

it's the fourth! well...almost. but hey, it's a holiday weekend friends! a holiday i tell ya. so get out there. kick up your heels. be all about summer. be about books, lemonade, swimming, wearing pretty sun dresses. be about relaxing. and singing. and designing. and enjoying design and well...

i hope all of your pretty summer chairs are full of friends and that you're enjoying laughter and intellectual (or completely silly!) conversation ;) (via)

i hope you have lively, or quiet, spaces to eat, enjoy delicious summer food and just be! (via)

i hope you have a great book to read this weekend, or finish! (via)

drink refreshing summer drinks this weekend, in very summer places! (via)

i hope you are surrounded by tons and gobs of brilliant color! (of fireworks that is!) (via)

i hope your view this weekend is spectacular! (via)

ooooh, what are your plans? tell me, tell me! monday we are hop~skipping~and~jumping to the beach, sandwiches, beer, some sort of sweet treat and sweet people in hand and diving into cold crisp waters, then plunking in the sun. after all of that fun stuff, there are fireworks at one of my favorite spots (a super posh golf course where once a year they let peasants like me in to enjoy the festivities, so if you're going to let me in, i'm going to come in, you know?) wherever you go, wherever you are, enjoy bigtime!


Mary-Fragrance Oil Warmers said...

love the color and design of the chairs! for the 4th of July weekend? New Orleans here i come for the Essence Festival

mydeco said...

Love the first picture the modern chairs look great also love the stairs in one of the pictures they look contemporary and interesting. I also like the last pic thanks for these!