Wednesday, May 18, 2011

trays & displays.

whether you are displaying candles, books, jewelry or mini sculptures, trays not only carry, or contain, they display. they are the stage for some of your favorite collectibles or edibles.

these beauties, large & small, via dwellings.

with handles or without, these trays are beautiful all on their own. these via bolig magasinet.

more rustic trays carrying cheeses, fruits, little glasses of wine maybe? yum. via design evolution.

also found over at design evolution this perfect roll~away display tray cart and metallic tray below, fabulously display your favorite drinks.

found via design shimmer, i'm in love with the idea of these large spool coffee tables, with wheels! a perfect display.

the other day, on one of my many trips to boston for class, i wandered into urban outfitters and anthropologie, picked up a few cool glass bowls to hold the loose jewelry that is always piling up on my bureau. i'm now leaning toward picking up a medium sized tray for my coffee table. i love the look, i love how it can be a temporary fix or facelift to table top or ottoman top spaces. do you display with trays? and if so, where, and how? is yours big or small or somewhere in between. oh, and what are you displaying currently? i'd love to hear!

what are you up to today? i'm working on updating my resume, taking a long walk or run, heading to the market and since, yes, it's still raining, a mocha to lift my spirits! ;) enjoy...

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