Thursday, May 19, 2011

2 diy flowering ideas.

i wanted to share today 2 do~it~yourself planter ideas to make you smile, give you a boost this almost friday, look how fun...

imagine taking cinder blocks, just plain old cinder blocks, stack them, however you choose, fill them with flowers, succulents, herbs? amazingly simple and genius. i found this idea via pinterest's sarah forsman.

then this super sweet idea, filling vintage or new tea pots, or mix them up! hang them around any outdoor seating area, but along this staircase, this makes me smile today ;) via dwellings.

i'm off and running today, good thing i've had my share of coffee! i hope to visit many of my favorite blogs tomorrow and this weekend ;) for now, enjoy this almost friday and these diy planter ideas, summer is coming friends, it is!

1 comment:

dard said...

i like your motive. plant on the side of a stairs wow.. nice one
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