Monday, May 23, 2011

monday morning & jaime hayon.

good morning friends! happy monday morning...over the weekend, i spotted a rug designed by jaime hayon and my head went spinning. i thought, how amazing that in a world of outdoing one another, going over the top with either pattern, color or shape, a rug so simply and classically designed can still stop me, or you or all of us. jaime hayon does that, the rug i'm writing about is below, in white, in beautiful. take a peek at some of hayon's many other brilliant creations...

with this "favn" sofa, a danish name for "embrace", here, jaime hayon and fritz hansen collaborated on this very organic, shell based with an inviting super soft middle design. decorative but combining texture and tone, just a sweet little sofa!

i'm super drawn to this rug which jaime hayon is offering through the rug company. an original design, simply and classically elegant and exciting all in one rug.

the "bardot" sofa for bernhardt, according to hayon, "feels like a fruit, tender to the touch", wow. hayon notes that many sofa designs are just too big for particular homes or apartments and he wanted to create a line that looked and felt generous but that would fit in smaller homes or apartments. love these!
here hayon pairs with bizazza, one of my favorite bathroom lines and accessories. this cut mirror and gold rimmed sink, ah, stylish, chic and drama, drama, drama!

i found these grid vases which hayon created for gaia and gino of turkey, intriguingly beautiful.

here, hayon pairs with swarovski for these sparkle shades definitely creating a new form of chandelier. i love the dark versus the twinkly light of it. love i say!
the "tudor" chair, for established & sons and designed by hayon is chair meets beautiful to say the least. and great legs no?
lastly this morning, but not least, this "kubo-kube" cabinet designed by hayon for palluco, is really a cabinet within a cabinet, revealing what is shown and what is maybe hidden. and the idea behind the "halo" mirror is simply magic. "its' classically-organic frame contrasted with the digital space-like effect of the degraded reflexion, brings to life a memorable piece to experience." yeah, it's that!

whoa! such a nice boost of design amazing~ness for this monday morning. to get us all going, our minds, our bodies our pens and paint brushes. today, i'm just enamored by jaime hayon's designs.

how was your weekend? mine was full and fun. today, rather tonight i am excited to head to harvard for a cocktail reception for recent graduates (me, yeah!). i'll put on a beautiful dress, killer shoes and grab my love and go! can't wait. graduation is this coming thursday, my dad is flying in, we are heading to boston for 2 days and i'll be taking way too many photos, but hey, it's graduation. i'll share some photos by the end of the week! enjoy...

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Tamara, Bella Boho said...

So loving the Bardot sofa, pure perfection!

Congratulations Robin, you Harvard scholar!