Tuesday, May 24, 2011

bysteel. getting into outdoors.

i'm lately loving the astonishing outdoor line by, bysteel. cut aluminum, alot of white, soft patterns. this line my friends is when you want to do outdoors differently, for residential or commercial, just differently. have a look...

this matte white aluminum & colored plexiglass "clover" light, with compact fluorescent light source will illuminate your summer evenings nicely.

i love how the patterns of bysteel's pieces, whether outdoor lamps or furniture, lead you and your eye toward the natural patterns of the world just outside.

cut, gleaming flowers, soft, delicate, perfect for sultry summer nights outdoors.

maybe you or your client prefer black? bysteel has pieces in black too, stunning.

bysteel offers a more than interesting array of outdoor flower boxes, stands, pots, this one, for sure would make a statement, residentially or commercially.

i think that when designers and companies not only choose to create innovatively for indoors but the outdoors, to me, they are really thinking. (and designing of course!) bysteel is doing both, and doing it brilliantly!

hmmm, this might be my last post until friday. why? because i'm attending my graduation, not to keep blabbing on about it of course (well, maybe a little) but i'm uber excited. for a couple of reasons...my dad is flying in for it, i have my favorite restaurant lined up for my graduation dinner, i get to wear a cool cap & gown, and it's in harvard yard. those days won't be topped for quite some time, so i'm off to enjoy them! i'll see you back here friday with some photos of the fun...for now, enjoy!


Tamara, Bella Boho said...

Such fun and cool pieces! My faves are the "flower" floor lamp and the giant one at the end.

Have a super graduation week!

Soul Pretty said...

OMG>>>I need a bigger terrace.

Katherine said...

So pretty! Lovely lamps :) I'm graduating this week as well! Congrats to you <3