Tuesday, April 26, 2011

planter time.

it's that time of year (thankfully!) friends, it's planter time! so, here is a small smattering, a tiny line~up of some of my favorites, some off~beat, some a bit more classic, but all slightly edgy and head turning. so, while i know you can head to your local nursery or home improvement store for your planter needs, if and when you want to design with planters in a new way, whether for residential or commercial purposes, here are a few original ideas for you...

ooh, 2 of my favorite fruits in design, lighting and designing for outdoors. the perfect combination no? these glowing "vases" by vondom are elegant by day and illuminating, ambient by night. ah, talk about a conversation piece? yeah.

so, here, mix it up, different heights, shapes, sizes, add greens, flowers, small shrubs, super eclectic, super fabulous. these "green pedestals" are offered by offecct.

how fun are these slightly geometric elevated planters by flora? designed by arik levy, the concept was to be a bit more face to face with your world of plants, "giving access to nature on a different level." perfectly said.

off~set, non~traditional and oh~so~eye~catching. this bd love planter by bdbarcelona comes in a variety of cheery colors (even neon red!), oh and did i say it doubles as a seat? yeah, it does that too!
i'm seeing many versions lately of the bench style, table style planter and i love this design. closer to eye level, easy to tend to, easy to enjoy. perfect for creating an enclosed dining, lounge area whether in a residential or commercial setting. like a living privacy wall. this one via vondom.

with "irregular surfaces and asymmetrical forms" this babylon planter for dedon plays with texture, highlighting the cargo it carries. when you want to do planters a little bit differently, this will do it my friends.

i really like the clustering of these super classic yet with a modern take planters. circular, soft and all while allowing the pieces contained in them to shine. via santa & cole.

driving through boston lately, i'm seeing planters come to life on residential brownstone steps, in front of commercial buildings, florists and nurseries are overflowing with options, tempting me right out of my car on the way to class. i love the breath of fresh air that planters add to the facade of any dwelling. simple transformations. i love that! enjoy...