Monday, April 25, 2011

pillow envy.

yeah for mondays again! a fresh new start to the week and a fresh eye for all things design. today, this somewhat grey monday (but who cares right?!), as i eat my organic blueberry waffles and syrup, about to take a run and then studying my french, i'm loving first these pillows from elsie dodds. loving i tell you!...

this pillow envy leaves me desiring cushion color, the explosive scenery bestowed on each cushion to the adorable simplicity of the letters which are the backs. elsie dodds pillows offer a fresh burst of wow to any couch, chair or bed. commercial or residential. grab one or two, or six or seven! in an area in your home or commercial space, that might be looking just a little too grown up, bring it down to the playful earth that it is with these elsie dodds pillows. just for fun!

hoping you all had a restful, rejuvenating easter weekend? ah, i had tons of classwork surrounding my every move (i'm nearing not only the end of this semester but graduation!) but i did manage to sneak in an evening out to watch a hockey game, drink some wine, eat delish food and sleep in! so for me, a great weekend, enjoy!


Jules said...

loving these pillows! you know i'm obsessed with pillows and color, so these are just perfect :) enjoy your day and good luck as you get closer to graduating! how exciting. xoxo - julie

Andrea Reh said...

I want them all! So cool!

Would love if you stopped by my blog sometime, will be following you from now on and would be great if you could follow me too!

Andrea x

antique engagement rings said...

The pillows are fantastic! Such great colors.

Debbie@Vintage Scout Interiors said...

Absolutely loving these pillows! Great find.