Wednesday, April 27, 2011

mid~week eye~candy.

i hope this mid~week finds you happy, inspired, energetic (it's warming up in new england so that helps me bigtime with energy!) and an all around great feeling!

i just got back from having unbelievably delish coffee and chocolate croissants (ah, yeah, that's right) with a great friend. i always leave our get~togethers feeling exhilarated, positive and feeling like i can conquer the world. do you have friends like that? isn't it the best?

so, with this fab feeling, though i may not be exactly conquering the world literally today, i am going to conquer my recycling at the landfill and the bookstore with my son. later, i'll conquer a little classwork, but today a much needed break was in store and was perfect! these amazing spaces are from one of my favorite sites for inspiration, owi. check them out and often, a great source! enjoy...