Friday, April 1, 2011

friday serenity.

ok, a collective breath please, ready? aaaahhh. there. it's friday friends! yeah for all of us! last night driving home from classes was a crazy experience, driving through bouts of blizzard conditions, seeing cars spinning out, accidents or cars just stopped on the sides of the road, another words, a white knuckle drive home. ah, and it's april right? yeah...so i thought today i'll post scenes of serenity. easy~going spaces that for me this morning are offering me comfort & where i want to be!

(all images via bolaget, a fav of mine!)

what are your weekend plans? i have a bunch of classwork to get through (the usual weekend amount) but in between all of that, a possible trip to ikea might be in store, i need curtains (for summer) and a new lighting fixture. so we'll see! besides that some good wine (red), some amazing home cooked (by him, not me) food, and sleeping in! tell me what you're up to! wherever you go, whatever you do this fine weekend, enjoy...;)

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