Thursday, March 31, 2011

starck. philippe that is.

here and there, page by page, online site by online site, my head turns, i'm doing double takes at philippe starck's unique, fresh, dramatic pieces. here are some of my recent favorites, come look with me...

these are one of my new favorite chairs for outdoor options. designed by philippe starck for dedon, this "play" chair can be taken anywhere. lightweight, with tons of material and color palette options. i want a whole stack of them!

this philippe starck designed flos light for dedon, ah, big amazing. and i mean seriously big, have a look...

here's a view of the flos light displayed on an amazing roof top apartment patio.

the prive chair, designed by philippe starck for cassina is so super inviting and visually so super sexy. from upscale hotels or nightclubs to your very own club, your home! love.

i love this take on the cafe chair. either around a traditional kitchen island, giving it a modern touch or appeal to commercial seating just about anywhere, bars, pool areas, you name it, perfectly unique! offered by cerruti.

oh, and if you want to see even more philippe starck amazing~ness, head over to the newly designed, by philippe starck of course, eastwest recording studio in hollywood california. crazy amazing!

philippe starck has said "i like to open the door to people's brains." and as you can see, he is succeeding! so, for me, philippe starck is a whole lot of wow! a whole lot of unique, drama, spice, intrigue and just plain amazing. this too, he is also now designing clothing! don't even get me going...wow again.

it's almost friday friends! i hope your day is starting of great, if not, i'm hoping that a little philippe starck has given you a wow boost, a creative boost. enjoy!!

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L'Atelier said...

oh i love Mr.Starcks designs.. i was oooohing at each picture- i would have it all if i could.
super gorgeous