Sunday, April 3, 2011

"alone together"

happy sunday friends. i was reading the new york times this morning and inside the magazine there was a story about the dutch photographer, reinier gerritsen. the article was titled "alone together". i'm sure alot of you (especially you new yorkers) have heard about how he spent 7 weeks riding the new york subway, between grand central station to wall street. since it was a public space, he allowed himself to photograph anyone and everyone.

a few things struck me. one was that gerritsen noticed that hardly anyone was smiling, that people appeared for the most part to be filled with sadness. this period, when he took these photos was during the end of president bush's era, 2008 and also when the world financial markets were spinning out of control. but it seems it is more than that when viewing his photos. you can view some here.

second, he noticed that hardly anyone noticed him taking pictures, except for children. they almost always saw him, were looking directly into the camera. how interesting is that? anyway, i found this study intriguing and thought i'd mention gerritsen and his photos today. have any of you seen his installations anywhere, any of his shows? i'd love to hear from you if you have. people, we are our own best entertainment and design don't you think? just a thought...enjoy your sunday. smile a little ;)


Callie Grayson said...

Wish I was in New York to see the show!
love that last image.

When I was living in Paris, no one ever smiled on the metro ever. Being a California girl, that was the first thing I noticed. I used to photograph people on the metro and then one day while I was just about to snap a photo of a girl, she smiled real big and quick like then back to her none emotional face. I caught it on camera. It made my day.


http://pimpmybricks.wordpress.com/ said...

Thanks for this. I'm a transplanted Britisher and I'm always half-wondering whether I want to go back to live in London. These photos are like a sort of montage of the collective mood. What strikes me is how worried and pensive people look. In some cases belligerent. And a few, thank goodness, smiling. If I was a better photographer I'd get out on the streets where I am (Sydney) to take some pictures of the general mood.

Jimmy The Undercover Designer said...

Amazing experiment. Amazing expressions. The end of the Bush era, no wonder everyone looks so gloomy.
About children, aren't they fun creatures, never abiding by our silly rules and never doing the expected.