Monday, April 4, 2011

points. lines and j1 studio.

happy monday friends! today i'm really loving the points and lines of the pieces which j1 studio offers. i discovered the bookshelf via better living through design's site today and wanted to explore j1 studio's other fab & fun products. just look how fun for a monday...

this "t. shelf", made from baltic birch plywood, comes with an instruction booklet of 5, yeah, count em' 5, different configurations! so if you're not happy with one, then change it. perfect ;)

these "v stand" table, weighs less than 1 pound, can be stacked, can be placed indoors or outdoors, for that needed burst of color, and are made from courrgated plastic. they can hold up to 75 pounds without damaging the tips and are perfect for holding a glass of wine, a small plant, a stack of design books, you name it, you got it!

"unconventional seating arrangement composed of 3 triangular forms." j1 studio describes these "m stools" in such a fun way, you'll want to group them (8 of them form a circle!), stack them (create a screen in your residential or commercial spaces?), arrange them & enjoy them!

this "t shelf table" also made from baltic birch plywood, and also coming with numerous configuration options is held together with zip ties! easy peasy and oh~so~wonderful! i love the textural interest between the wood, the lines of the wood and the flat quiet glass. a great small coffee or side table. how about beside a bed my friends? oh yeah!
just as cheery but smaller version of the "v stand" table from j1 studio, is perfect as a accent table, for indoors or outdoors, brighten your spaces, add a bit of chemistry and texture. these tables remind me of the circus, like those little stands that elephants would put their legs up on in the middle of the ring? i love that!
this is it! this is what j1 studio offers but i find their pieces origami~esque in design, super interesting on the eye for either residential or commercial spaces, just eclectic and curious. the points, the lines add interest to a perhaps lacking interest space if you know what i mean? yeah, j1 studio does that!

how was your weekend? hoping it rejuvenated you for the week to come! as for me, my weekend consisted of a long walk on a sunny day, 2 amazing pasta dinners (i'll have to run today for that!), red wine (to go with the pasta right?) and taking photos of the sky (i'll explain, i'm working on a few presents for people!) all in all, super relaxing...happy monday again, enjoy!

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