Sunday, March 6, 2011

sunday tray idea.

good morning! a very merry sunday to you friends! right now, i'm back at the kitchen table surrounded by french assignments/studying, watching my love cook eggs benedict for me with his amazing homefries. not even funny how delish they come out!

while i'm waiting for coffee to finish brewing, i wanted to share kelly wearstler's new blog with you (if you didn't know about it, she has started a blog!). it's appropriately titled, "my vibe, my life". i love that. another thing i loved whilst perusing it's pages was to learn that kelly, during her design process for spaces, puts together these trays, mood board trays, to inspire her , to visually see the space beginning to appear before her, a bit more of a three dimensional approach and a bit more fantastic! the image above is one of kelly's trays that she built for a client, for a bedroom in a kuwait estate. wow. anyway, if you hadn't seen her blog or her really fun tray ideas, i wanted to share. enjoy the rest of your day...!!

p.s. i want to thank julie over at belle maison's blog for letting us know about kelly's new blog. thanks julie!


Beach Vintage.com said...

Will go and check it out now, thanks for the heads up.

Callie Grayson said...

you lucky girl! eggs benedict and homefries. mmmmm
Hope your weekend was wonderful!

Leah said...

Oh awesome! I am excited to check it out, thanks doll!


L'Atelier said...

thanks for the tip... will go and check it out

eggs benedict? you lucky lucky girl! its my favorite!! -and you also getting coffee? can i invite myself? ;)