Tuesday, March 8, 2011

the new traditionalists. made here.

sorry for the "late" monday/early tuesday post! but, i've saved something special for a late start to the week post...the new traditionalists. i'm saying right here, right now, this company, these amazing pieces are one of my new favorites, and for soooo many reasons. let's begin with the fact that every piece, is made here...

designed in soho new york and manufactured at their new england facility, the new traditionalists certainly take pride in what they make and why they make it here: "why are we going to such great lengths to make furniture here? because it allows us to make sure that our furniture is made with the highest quality and safest materials, while minimizing the environmental impact. it also provides jobs during these times." how can you not love that?!

the new traditionalists are also all about custom design, from materials used to custom sizing. the first chair, that wonderful burnt orange leather, that limestone leather piping, completely and madly in love! the new traditionalist's style is classic with an absolutely modern edge, their pieces have a definite flair, a vibe, an energy suited for any residential or commercial space. like i said, one of my favorite new companies, hands down! enjoy...

oh...stay tuned for a more than amazing give~away announcement! you're going to love it!

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