Wednesday, March 2, 2011

new rug love. from toulemonde.

they're very french and they're very exceptional. i've posted in the past touting toulemonde's wares, their daring style, their tempting color palettes. from classic to slightly edgy, or, ok, edgy, toulemonde offers something for every personality. residentially speaking or commercially, toulemonde's products will inspire, they will liven any space, they will call it out, they will finish them. perfectly.

so there you have it for this regular old wednesday friends...some mind~popping rugs/designers and one heck of an amazing company, toulemonde. the second image, of the line drawn bursting flowers, yeah, that's the one i'd pick. i think with rugs, especially if you're going to select one that has a sizable price tag involved, out inclination is to go plain, neutral, to select something that doesn't push us or something that we feel we won't tire of. but you know what? sometimes, as you've selected your very safe and neutral rug, and you're walking out the door, something, and you know it's true, in the back of your mind says, "i wish i had picked the other one, the one that my eyes kept going back to." sometimes you just have to be daring. enjoy!!


Melanie's Randomness said...

Ohh these rugs are quite beautiful!! I love the black & gray flower one!! =)

Melanie's Randomness

Dionne said...

I LOVE that flower rug. What a great collection of decor stuff. I wanna go shopping now!

In Search of Tres Bien said...

where are you?!! we need to study!

Kristin Hjellegjerde said...

Wonderful chair!