Tuesday, March 1, 2011

wanted. pattern & color. full time.

i'm not sure what it is? perhaps the long winter in new england? the fact that i can seem to wear nothing else besides every shade of grey and black clothing at the moment? hmmm. anyway. today i'm completely & utterly craving pattern & color. bigtime.

so much going on in this small space it's fabulous! from that standing light base to the artwork to the completely yet perfectly crowded coffee table to those pillows. one stop pattern & color fix here. via bolig.

so many living plants and what have you are tempting me these days. succulents, terrific hanging aparatus's like these. and have you seen the new anthropologie catalog with those translucent droplet hanging terrariums? yeah, like i said, tempted. almost hypnotised! via gardening in heels.

of course i've always been drawn to artwork (i have an inner artist in me that comes out from time to time) but stripes? they are secretly, softly seducing me these days!

ah and sorry but i seriously now need a herringbone mirror. don't you? via rue.

ahhh...can you just smell them now? and remember how timeless and perfect the addition of flowers (they must be real!) are to any space? residential or commercial. they add texture. they add color bursts. they add life! via mixr.

from the sharp angles & texture of this antler display hovering above the soft flowing striped chair with it's lipstick colored throw, this space begs you to plunk and ponder. really great!

this kitchen/seating area had me at the blue artwork. oh and the dog! ;) via mixr.

i'm still seeing tons of geometric patterns & shapes as in these chair legs. i love how there is this weight, not only in color but in density of this table, hovering above these fragile in appearance chairs. really an interesting layout. this and the one below via bolaget.

and this robin's egg blue chair. i'm happening upon much in the way of robin's egg blue regarding furniture fabric & painted woods these days...trend?
what about you? for your residential or commercial spaces are you pattern and colored out? are you currently on the hunt for neutral tones and soft soothing surroundings? well, not that i have anything against our friends, the neutrals and the softs you understand. it's just that every now and then, a shock of color, a boost of texture or pattern. something unexpected is just what the doctor ordered. enjoy!

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