Monday, February 28, 2011

to the cor.

happy monday morning friends! if any of you out there are residential~wise or commercial~wise, in the market for furniture and more specifically utterly amazing sofas, then head to the cor...

obviously contemporary but not cold or sterile. between the color palettes, the fabrics, the soft sexy shapes and curves, cor's pieces are a perfect addition either en masse for commercial use filling an amazing hotel lobby or a super sophisticated yet flirty bar or lounge, or right there in your very own living room, one piece. that would do it, it would be the mark to create the space around.

i hope you all had a relaxing or productive weekend! it was a get alot done weekend for me, but hey, sometimes those can be the best right? enjoy!!

1 comment:

Dionne said...

Oh these couches are fab, what great shapes. And you're right, they don't look all cold and uber-haughty like a lot of modern furniture does.