Thursday, March 3, 2011

dead wood into holy wood. a love of lighting.

today i'm after these lights, the wonderfully tangled sculpture that are these lights...
"travelling through africa, william brand and annet van egmond were gripped by the slender and pure beauty of branches and trees scattered across the land. in the wide open spaces, the natural fanciful lines of the branches turned the dead wood in to holy wood.

"back in europe the image was translated into wrought iron in a sleek and nickel finish. playfully adapting nature into an almost dramatic tangled web of emotions; holy wood turned into glamorous hollywood.
what seems alive is not, and what wasn’t, is……"

what are you after today? how amazing are these lights? they're stunning in every way, shape and form. stunning! i'm off an running to stick my head in my french books all day and hoping for a "bien" on my quiz later...enjoy...

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The Zhush said...

These are some spectacular fixtures...woe.