Wednesday, March 23, 2011

new for summer.

so, today, i'm trying to remain calm as i woke to the weather channel saying we are getting, gulp, snow later? huh? what? no! sorry, but i'm very past this whole snow thing. very past it. well, to cool my jets i'm pondering new summer products from france to italy and places in between. take a look at what i've rounded up...

today i have a couple of versions of new outdoor planters. mix it up, tackle a very different shape, size or design. go ahead, do it! find these gorgeous, very beachy planters at flora.

ok, so if you are not surrounded by a forest or cactus, why not create a virtual forest for your indoor spaces? also via flora. actually, these are very playful and perhaps one in a residential space but how about commercial? couldn't you see these everywhere say, on a really fab hotel rooftop bar or pool area? ah, yeah.

i love this take on the outdoor planter, offered up by slide, and italian company with an obvious modern edge. soften those edges with pretty petals and voila, the perfect planter. find them here.

bleu nature, a french company specializing in very natural materials such as their use of driftwoods and cottons, are creating these oh~so~summery seats. can you imagine a few, (they have bench style seats too) all different sizes, around an outdoor garden or pool area? residential or commercial? i just love the textural element that they add to any space!

i'd love clusters of these amazing stool, driftwood bases and either velvet, cotton or leather seat cushions. i'd so go velvet! i'm a velvet kind of girl. ;) find these little beauties also at bleu nature.

how about new wall treatments for summer? such as these sky and pool blue tiles, and what if i told you they come in real or faux leather? wouldn't you say wow? oh yeah...find your color choice at cuir au carre.

i want this! no, i'm not kidding, i really want this! i would float the day away, those lazy summer days. find one for you, at dedon.

as i watch this morning's sunny skies go from clear to milky, i'm going to imagine that i'm getting any of these planters ready for summer flowers, reading a book in any of those hanging basket chairs or curled up that driftwood chair sipping lemonade. hey, it's all i have today, my summer imagination! enjoy...;)


Jimmy The Undercover Designer said...

The white pots are amazing

nancy @ {COZAMIA} said...

Some very cool planter ideas, I can't wait to get outdoors and work on the patio...but probably won't be anytime soon :(
I too was shocked to see everything covered in snow this morning, it was in the forecast but I refused to believe it!