Thursday, March 24, 2011

wild & wonderful.

today, with our wild and wonderful weather happening around us (yes it snowed last night and yes it stuck, we have about 2 inches) i thought it appropriate to post about what i love about designing wild and wonderfully. and this is just residentially. soon, i'll post about the same topic, commercially. so fun!

i love this space, warm and wild and wonderful. from the patterned wood walls to the pillows to the artwork, the floor! all anchored by that simple, one color spread. wowzers. via dwellings.

forget waterbeds friends, this amazing hanging bed gives new meaning to wild and wonderful motion while sleeping. would you rock yourself to sleep like a baby or get sea sick? hmmm, still it's wildly wonderful in design right? via dwellings.

wild and wonderful furniture, accessories such as this very architecturally designed storage unit, much like a fabulous building facade. how unique! via brikolor.

this wild but wonderful hot pink flower chair, designed by japanese designer masanori umeda and offered up by edra, would add that very wild punch to any residential or commercial space, through it's stand alone design, it's intense color and balanced by it's soft design. wild & lovely.

headboards and backdrops, do it differently with art, do it wildly with bold, expressive color or dramatic sizes. make a wild yet wonderful statement. via design evolution.

barcoded walls? ah, strangely adding in a wall treatment such as this barcode, as art, as modern art, it works. especially on a wall, in a space where it would be oh~so~unexpected. via bolaget.

wild walls. embossed furniture. patterns galore. wild, wonderful, beautiful. via bolig magasinet.

hoping your thursday is starting off wonderful not wild. but, to spice it up, to mix it up, think wild and wonderful for your space. if your heading out soon to pick up something new, perhaps accessorize with a hint of wild, it will make your space wonderful. i promise! enjoy...;)

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Sing said...

Wow at the hanging bed! And I love the art as a headboard.