Tuesday, March 22, 2011

swirls & lines i'm loving.

design sponge recently offered up a post about "undecorating", a "no rules approach" to designing interiors. that pretty much might just sum my style up. but within that, if we break it down further, (and this may be a re~occurring theme here on avant garde because we could have alot of fun with this concept!) we can bring out the "no rules approach" toward pattern, toward line, towards tumbling, swirling, or stick straight lines.

via design sponge.

via bandelle blog.

via my little happy place.

via sergio mendoza.

via david wiseman.

via design sponge.

via prettiness and buttons.

via lotta agaton.

via dezeen.

and then think of mixing them? yeah, that's what i'm talking about here. think of flooring, think of fabrics, lighting, anything you are considering changing within your residential or commercial space, but with a mission. a mission for mixing, lines, patterns, a real "no rules approach" to the very direction of a space. i love that! so that means we'll talk about it more. ;) enjoy...


Jimmy The Undercover Designer said...

Love the chair in the last picture.
I really like and do appreciate the no rules approach in design. Sometimes I think it is the only way to design.

Callie Grayson said...

love that first image of the desk space. that inspiration board is fabulous!!

ps I am hosting my first giveaway over at my blog, come visit!!