Wednesday, February 23, 2011

sissy little. walls...be prepared for some fun.

i love the name. i love the product. sissy little, a new sponsor as well to avant garde design, is making a name for itself in the world of wall treatments and by the way, it's removable vinyl design. have a looksy at sissy little and how their product not only changes, it transforms spaces...

this modern take on the vinyl chandelier is super chic! refined, elegant and the bright color adds a bit of play and fun to this (or your) space. this one is a must!
i live near one of the most beautiful coast line's in the world, cape cod's coast. so to see these starfish, it's like adding a little bit of the outdoors, indoors.

on sissy little's site, they offer an interesting idea for hanging these abstract wave panels. either place them together or separately in other rooms. separately i think is intriguing. to have the panels continue throughout a home or commercial space offers up a theme, a fun theme!
surf boards have become a fun tool when used in designing spaces, residential or commercial. why not a vinyl one? pretty rad man!

i love the storybook feel of this "oh my polka dots tree". just for fun!

sometimes you just want to sail away...sail away...sail away.

monograms either as the headboard or just above, to frame the entire space perfectly. really pretty for grown~ups or children alike.

one of my favorites by sissy little is this sweetness molecules. depicting the molecular structure of some of your favorite spices and flavors, such as honey, chocolate and cinnamon. how fun for a kitchen, residential or commercial? so fun, that's what i say!

so, is your imagination running wild? mine is. i'm looking at my walls this morning a little bit differently than the day before. i love the non commitment to vinyl design. unlike the commitment to wallpapers, and don't get me wrong, i'm a lover of wallpaper, you can begin slowly when transforming walls. get your feet wet or dive right in to sissy little's options. i've only scratched the surface here. sissy little has pages of options, color palettes, large, full scale designs to subtle, quieter designs. it's up to you. enjoy!!

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Debbie@Vintage Scout Interiors said...

Agreed! One of the best business names ever! Some very fun things I will have to file in the "in case I need it for a client" memory.