Thursday, February 24, 2011


i was poking around at upcoming design fairs around the world and this wanderlust designers fair promoting up and coming or already there dutch designers begged my (and now hopefully yours) attention. here are some of my most intriguing favorites for 2011...

are you into leather? lampshades that is! designed by pepe heykoop, these shades and this collaborative effort with tiny miracles are a perfect match. pepe's leather lampshades are made by women seeking work, a better life, a trade, in the red light district of mumbai. such an amazing project! read more about it here.

david derksen's copper pendant lights are over the moon...sexy oozy light. super lustrous, super glow. imagine a chic, sexy restaurant or bar dripping in these copper lights. i'm there. when do we go? ;)

florian gilges. get to know this name. "eccentric forms melt with functionality and flexibility without becoming arbitrary." this "moduleros" line is fast becoming one of my favorite new designs! fast i tell ya!

this sculptural bed, for those "who favor sleeping deep" is designed by stadtnomaden. held in place with the most amazing zebra wood and adjustable legs. seriously beautiful friends!

designed by felix ersig for fed. bureau/sideboard/bookcase/i love it!

agnes morguet. just when you thought you couldn't do a bookcase any other way. agnes had designed it another way. love.

these amazing natural stone pendant lamps designed by daniel stoller. i'm in jaw dropping awe.

oh to travel the globe, popping in at any or all of the year's design fairs. a dream come true. thanks goodness for the internet! we can all go! happy almost friday friends...enjoy!!

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Attiser said...

love the asymmetry in design lines!