Tuesday, February 22, 2011

solisombra. get outdoors.

hi! i'm back...and today, after returning from a short (but much needed and very relaxing) jaunt to sunny miami, i'm all about getting outdoors. solisombra can re~define, re~design and seriously transform your outdoor spaces. how you view them, how you experience them, how you enjoy them.

certain days i take walks over and around a nearby golf course near my little cottage. there is a wonderful home there which, in the back yard, features a very sculptural, sort of mesmerizing wind catcher. these following wind catchers from solisombra would be the envy of any neighborhood. they would stop me in my tracks!

unusual, yet super simply genius planters offered by solisombra. add them in the second picture below to an environment including other solisombra pieces and voila! now, you have an outdoor space to talk about!

loving the sculptural element these pieces offer to outdoor spaces. use them as a column of sorts, as they have in the last picture here (scroll down), or light them? so many amazing possibilities.

lattice work in an array of shapes, colors, you name it, you've got choices here with solisombra.

here you can see many wonderful solisombra products in play. lattice, planters, just look at what they add to any outdoor space. imagine a larger installation commercially? wow, you could really have fun with these products!

i am now officially itching for summer. skipping spring in my imagination all together and straight to summer. solisombra has done it to me. miami has done it to me. and a very long (and i'm being kind here) winter has done it to me!

we hopped off of the plane to snow showers, grey skies and just all around blah. not that i'm complaining here, i was still in shorts (yeah i didn't care), but experienced a bit of sun shock to say the least. friday, i will share photos (taken with my new camera) of our little jaunt to miami. part 1 i'll call it. next week, unless i'm driving you crazy with them, i'll feature part 2 of the rest of our trip. wait to you see the restaurant design i want to share with you, you'll surely say aaaahhh! enjoy!


Soul Pretty said...

Miami...oh, I'm so jealous...I need a vaca like yesterday...Is there a "Make a Wish" organization for mom's?

L'Atelier said...

glad you had a good time!

i love those features they are amazing!!! liturally love each and everyone of them. a MUST have for sure