Thursday, December 30, 2010

innovative re~use in architecture.

this waterhouse hotel, found via the wonderful yellowtrace blog, in shanghai offers up a visually compelling, sensory stimulating, comfortably wonderful aesthetic and appeal. i don't usually post about buildings, typically i post more about interiors, in fact i feel a bit like my friend dale over at hd inspirations,(who reviews the most amazing buildings, hotels etc. if you are ever interested!) but this hotel had me at innovative. it had me at re~use. it had me at that roof top dining spot. let's go!...
(click in images for larger view)

one thing, a major thing in design that stops me, that i think is perfect really is the mix of old and new. another element when designing that i'm not only fascinated by but think is genius is re~use of materials, by either exposing vintage skins of older buildings or bringing in chunks, parts, pieces of older spaces to newer spaces. it is fabulous, it is conscious effort to waste not and it works!

how about you? when designing your residential or commercial spaces, do you enjoy mixing old and new? i know i've asked you before, but there is something for me, when mixing the two, that feels right. by exposing the old, the vintage, the gently worn, you expose warmth, a soul, a history that you just cannot often get with new materials or objects. do you agree? i'd love to hear your opinion! and if you have mixed or re~used vintage next to new and sleek, i'd love to hear how and where you did. so fun for me! enjoy, and if you're heading to shanghai, look out for this amazing waterhouse hotel with equally amazing views!!

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Kellie Collis said...

Wow! That tub is just gorgeous! And that rooftop is amazing! Have a wonderful year ahead, Kellie xx