Friday, December 31, 2010

too cool for this year.

it's the end of a cool year, but the beginning of a super cool year, design~wise, daring~wise, and to entertain new possibilities, new designers, new ideas, new products, all too cool for this year, but perfectly cool for a new year to come!!

pick a shape. any shape. there is something super special about these oh~so~industrial, yet soft and simple pendant lights offered up by roger pradier. you can place them, hang them from those great hooks, they are appropriate for outdoors or in. these pendants are somewhat nautical and somewhat construction site to me. i just think they are too cool for this year, perfect for a cool new year!

origami cool lighting, by joon & jung. imagine one of these or a sprinkle of these on your bedside night stand? completely cool and dreamy!

there is something very cool, very ethereal about these paper alarm clocks offered by joon & jung. they are green to be sure, they are ghostly, they display time in a distorted way, a very cool way.

what is oh~so~cool~for~kids (or for us? ;) is this wallpaper offered by cox & cox, made up of millions of tiny dots just waiting to be connected. how perfect is that? i mean for kids right? ah, yeah. not for me or anything ;) yeah.

if you are in search of the ultimate in cool, the ultimate in the furniture/unusual, then meritalia has products for you. conversation pieces. sensational pieces. out there, and cool enough for a modern new year to come. definitely. while i'm not sure this would be the sofa for me, i had to share it for how completely ringing in the new year cool it is!

scandinavian wallpaper & decor presents lovely, edgy and unusual wallpaper and wall treatment options. contemporary or classic, scandinavian wallpaper will help you ring in a very new cool design year!

these cool, smooth...larger than life pebble~esque ottomans offered by tacchini are imaginative, so simple in their design genius that you are drawn to them easily. i want to sprinkle these around spaces, stack them, pile them, plunk on them.

the pieces offered up by bius are transformative somehow. a cross between a fashion statement and a design masterpiece. their pieces are seductive, sensual to all senses and oh~so~cool to ring in this new year with design perfection.

what i've most loved this year about blogging is the ability to share anything and everything in the world of design or designers with you. i love to search out the inventive, the innovative. to research who is doing what, and how? who is pushing the limits, testing the waters and just moving us in some way. even if you don't enjoy all of these picks or imagine them in your spaces, they've hopefully moved you. they certainly moved me to be sure. isn't that what it's about? isn't that cool? yeah!

on that note friends, hip, hip~hooray for this past year, but let's jump up and down even higher for the new year to come. i have a feeling about 2011. it's going to do things, we are going to do things. it will be amazing. it will be cool. happy new year & enjoy!!!!