Wednesday, December 29, 2010

harmonic spaces.

it started with this space, via rum, with literally the word "harmony" pulling it together. i wanted to share other harmonic spaces, in my view, all in their own way, all for different reasons. for all of you traveling today, (i saw so many people on the news still trying to get home from their holidays, stuck at airports!) or trying to! breathe, you'll be back to your harmonic spaces soon ;)

(all others via tumblr)

what is it about your spaces that make it harmonic to you? have you changed your lighting, or moved a big piece or a super small piece in your home (or maybe even your commercial space) and thought...that's it! so much better!? hmmm. for me it's definitely about lighting and positioning. i'm drawn to super soft lighting, especially at night, it calms my space, promotes it, displays it and softens it. placement of your "things" is also important, for it creates a flow, a dynamic, a mood, a path. i find sometimes i can move the simplest of "things" and the space will feel a little more right, a little more approachable. i love that! tell me about your harmonic realizations or experiences, i'd love to hear ;) enjoy!!

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