Tuesday, December 28, 2010

space divide. freedom of creation.

freedom of creation is perfectly named for the textural, inventive and just really pretty wall treatments they offer. how would you use their macedonia space dividers? imagine the possibilities? my little cottage is too small to partition off spaces, but in the right setting, residential or maybe more especially commercial, the sky is the limit with freedom of creation!

freedom of creation also offers up uber~eclectic amazing lighting and small furniture pieces with plenty of textural elements to go around!

sometimes***if you take a good look around your space, either your home or your commercial spaces, it's lacking something, texture, color or pattern. also, by dividing, or sort of creating paths, these wall treatments by freedom of creation could really bring it out, make it shine, make it different, which, makes it special. i'd love to hear your ideas and whether or not you could stand a little texture, like these textural pieces from freedom of creation, to come your way. enjoy!!


Callie Grayson said...

those benches are adorable, I wonder if they can be used out doors? i will have to go on over and check them out in more detail.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Leigh Viner said...

These are seriously so cool, I think with my small space too II would have tomake it work regardless.. Love!!!

Also just noticed it is snowing on your blog, so cute..xo

Happy new year sweetheart, I hope you have a fabulous new years :)

Leigh Viner said...

Wow my typing errors above lol.. ;) oops..