Thursday, November 11, 2010

new things i've found.

yesterday i chilled out. walked, no ran, to the book store for mochas (with the whipped cream by the way, yeah it was that kind of day) and daydreamed about design, perusing through expensive european design magazines that i can't afford and got lost for a while in new~to~me design goodness. let me share...

amazing wallpapers from funkis. oh, ooooh! lighting too, here.

loving these "rock rugs" from tai ping, found through another fabulous site find, ldesign, here.

this unusual glob terrarium can be found on the most unusual site, opulent items. quirky, fun gift ideas and (let's keep the theme going...), unusual finds! ;)

this a+a cooren vase stopped me while flipping through an amazing design magazine yesterday and i had to share.

new twists and takes on wall treatments from the french company moove paper. worth lots of looks.

gobs of interior inspiration (as well as items to shop for!), all from habitus!

today the power companies are the focus of so much attention, usually in the negative light. mock them or celebrate them with this "power collection" line from funkle.

these amazing pendant lights designed by elise fouin made from recyclable polystyrene. organic glowing orbs. wowzers.

a really great new blog and etsy find, glamarella junk. lots of glam to ogle!

so i don't know, i just had a blast finding new companies, getting completely lost in amazing images, finding new titles of amazing design magazines that i hadn't found before and just not thinking too hard about anything, which is needed sometimes right? right! hope you like some of my new finds and hope you are having a great almost friday! ;) enjoy...


Melanie's Randomness said...

The pendant lights look really cool!!

Anyshka said...

What a lovely necklace!
Great post =)


Taylor said...

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