Wednesday, November 10, 2010

need to simplify? head to another country.

yesterday was complicated for me. meaning, i had alot on my mind and couldn't sort through all of the junk in time for bed. not my favorite kind of day. so today i'm simplifying in alot of ways, including heading over to another country for minimalist design inspiration. not really another country, that's their name ;)

what i most admire about another country's pieces is the way they quiet a space, they clear it up in a way, they settle it down. through clean, raw design and materials as well as neutral color palettes and patterns. easy on the eyes, easy on the space, easy on the simplicity without being completely boring. really just great.

what kind of day are you having so far? what kind of week? are you already in need of simplifying like me? i think the grey, misty windy weather is getting to me. i'm heading out for a coffee, the bookstore maybe and away from homework and the house. that will make for a better day today! enjoy...;)


Melanie's Randomness said...

I like how you did your first paragraph. Your witty. I like the simplicity of the stools. =)

I'm in total need of simplicity! =) It's been hectic. I hope your day turned out better!

TamStyles said...

i was just thinking another state..but who am i kidding..