Tuesday, November 9, 2010

rich textures, warm palettes. autumn spaces.

i'm relishing the rich fall colors and textures these days. the warmth of earth tones, being surrounded by books, elegant woods, and comfort items like comfy throws and extra bedding while sleeping. what are you loving these autumn days? (did you check out this lamp?)

(via skona hem)

subtle changes occur each season in our spaces. i have knitting out, throws strewn about the couch on a daily basis, mugs of oatmeal in the morning. like the beach in the summer, which is where i go for comfort, the autumn and winter months draw you indoors, to spend more of a restful time. couldn't you spend alot more time indoors in any of these exquisite spaces? oh, me too! enjoy...


Rikke said...

So many beautiful lamps!!

kenyatta Manning Pictures said...

now this is a place i'd enjoy :)