Friday, November 12, 2010

around the table. how do you style your dining experience?

thanksgiving inspiration is all around me, from stepping into the food market these days and planning "the" meal...to holiday tabletop designs in all of my favorite magazines, both physical and on line. it has me pondering where you share your meals, either with immediate family or getting~to~know~you~guests? i've found some amazingly eclectic spaces as well as a few definitely new takes on the not your average dining table to help get your thanksgiving juices flowing...

where is your dining space tucked, placed or situated? is there room for just a few or does it welcome extra planned or spontaneous guests? (via emmas)

do you dine in the round? how about this amazing take on the round dining table? chunky monkey for sure. super interesting, via tacchini home.

or are you more of a traditional square bear? ;) well, for you, a new twist on the typical square dining table, via molteni.

do you tuck your dining spaces into fabulous nooks and crannies. does your center island transform into the main dining space when guests are over? how fun! via owi.

or is your dining space, out there, in the open, a minimalistic experience, broad, inviting to all, accomodating many? this artful space via owi also.

are you going for a sort of conservative glam? (via elle decor)

or a quieter more simplified, easy space for entertaining? via dwell.

perhpas if you are lucky enough to live in warmer areas this holiday season, you can extend your dining experience outdoors as well as in? guests can flow, in and out, conversing, sipping wine and eating turkey. adding two dining feels, two kinds of interior/exterior elements to your guest's experience. via living etc.

here, another take on dining al fresco offering a seaside dining experience. you could take your thanksgiving guests outdoors, or down to the beach and wouldn't the turkey tast amazing here? ah, yeah. via wisteria.

this very interesting cross between vintage antique and cool, crisp very new and shiny metal form an eye~popping combination for a very creative dining table. via girsberger.

for entertaining, create an intimate experience. perhaps your table can be moved, to a more interesting or out of the ordinary space. not a typical kitchen or dining room? like this creative dining space via house beautiful.

last new table option: this tantalizing table with sexy, sleek, pops of color. a very mod table for entertaining, from bonaldo.

so there you have it, a smattering of thanksgiving entertaining inspiration or contemplation for you. are you hosting the big day or heading out as a lucky invited guest? we are hosting it in our little bitty cottage so we'll have to get darn creative. can't wait though! don't get me started on table top ideas? that's another post! ;) happy, happy weekend! enjoy...

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Francine Gardner said...

Really enjoyed reading your post. i can relate design wise to so many of the illustration, my favorite being the green plaster room (image#6)