Monday, November 15, 2010

soft start. & a few new blog shoutouts.

aw, is it monday already? hmmm. ok, so let's start off the week softly shall we? we shall. ;) i was bopping around and discovered also a few fab new finds (blogs that is) to share with you in case you haven't heard of them also. great reads and gobs of inspiration.

(via a merry mishap.)

(via >o<. )

(via seesaw.)

(via a fab new find, gypsymade.)

(via ffffound)

how was your weekend friends? mine was spent raking leaves, working on college essays with my son, sipping red wine at night, studying french, watching the leaves mock me and fall again on my nicely raked lawn. hmmm. hoping your monday is off to a soft start, easing you into the week, no jolting (except maybe for an excellent cup of coffee. that kind of jolt is ok right?). i'm off for a run and then to classes. enjoy!

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Pearl said...

oh wow.
that is such a beautiful lace drapped chandelier.
i love it.