Monday, November 22, 2010

milky skies and winter approaching.

what happened this weekend? all of the sudden i'm sitting in the stands at "the game" (harvard/yale) and realized that oh, my, gosh, it's approaching winter. i could feel it in the crisp air, the milky skies and in my lack of dress for the occasion. on that wintery note, i thought i'd feature some cool winter items, scenes, spaces and tablescapes i'm drawn to this season approaching. oh, and harvard won. yeah that's right!

curl up in very cool winter style in any of these unusual loveseats by porada. via trendir.

wintery wonderful silk and velvet pillows from toast. let's toast to that!

balancing cool winter table top blues with cheery brights uplifts the table top landscape. this pretty display via the elegant thrifter.

i strangely like these glitter beetles from flutter.
don't know why, just do. i'm drawn to the fact that bugs can be made pretty i suppose.
i just love this space, especially adding the stacked books with a pillow on top for that extra added seat, how sweet is that? that's about how my table will look this thanksgiving! ;) via emma's.

let's hang out here for the winter? with home~made hot chocolate, or sipping hot and spicy cider, or the perfect temperature red wine? ah, i'm there. iva domosfera.

enjoying this cool, yet welcoming winter space, via design shimmer.

evoking a soft, cool, wintery glow with these pillows via hviit.

a few fun snapshots of me, my love (my other love, my son, is not a big sports fan so he opted out of this game) and "the game" atmosphere.

here's the fun part! we won! fans rushing onto the field to congratulate the players. not us, you had to scale down a pretty steep concrete wall and let's just say, ah, i'm not 20 years old anymore!

this weekend was really super relaxing for me and my loves. it's a treat for me to actually get to walk around boston and harvard square without running from class to class. also the weather was just pre~winter perfect. sunday was spent raking more leaves to spruce up the little place we live and its surroundings before entertaining for thanksgiving. (there are still piles to take away, yikes.) i hope your weekend left you rested, relaxed, rejuvenated and restored. getting ready for the holidays approaching, we'll all need that! enjoy...